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CHALO ​Golden Turmeric Chai
CHALO ​Golden Turmeric Chai
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CHALO Golden Turmeric Chai

This Golden Chai represents the average Indian grandmothers’ magical potion to calm joint owies and fortify your immune system. Our turmeric chai is a heart-warming drink full of hidden power, for moments with a golden edge.

Finally, the time has come to complete our funky chai range with a real golden latte. With this golden magic potion, the Indian grandmothers have been making all kinds of owies disappear for centuries. Attention, Chalo’s new golden child is not for fools. It’s not just a milk drink, but we’re going vegan all the way. Passion, filled to the brim with turmeric, black tea, cassia and a spark of black pepper.


Jaggery, Turmeric (3,6%), Instant tea extract (1,0%), Cassia extract, Cardamom extract, Black pepper extract.

Chalo products contain only natural ingredients! They are free of additives and colouring agents and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans!

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