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T&C Green Tea with Jasmine
T&C Green Tea with Jasmine
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Green Tea with Jasmine by T&C

Weight: 100 g

Ingredients: Green Tea, Jasmine Blossoms.

Our fresh and delicious jasmine green tea comes from distant tea gardens of China. The youngest and most excellent leaves are harvested first, then flavoured with carefully selected fresh jasmine blossoms. The fruit of this process is sumptuously fragranced yet delicately light flavoured tea. The floral and harmonic taste of this infusion is combined with its healing properties. Green tea with jasmine has a strong antioxidant effect. Its regular use will allow you to stay young and beautiful for a long time.

The green jasmine tea has been mentioned since the times of the South Song dynasty. Botanists of those times brought a bush of jasmine from Persia. Because jasmine's odour best spreads at night, their blossoms are picked in the early morning and kept in a cold lodgement till dark. When they start spreading their wonderful and soft nightly aroma, green tea is topped onto them, saturating the jasmine aroma in this way. Jasmine tea is a refreshing drink of wonderful aroma, soft and subtle taste. In China, this tea is served with spicy, hot dishes in order to soften the taste.

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how to brew
Tea Type:
Flavoured Green Tea
79 C
1 - 1.5tsp / 220-250ml
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