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Wooden Box 'Tea Secrets' with 4 Tins & Infuser Spoon
Wooden Box 'Tea Secrets' with 4 Tins & Infuser Spoon
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Wooden tea box 'Tea Secrets' with 4 Tins and infuser spoon

(No 77772 on the picture)


This beautiful wooden tea storage box is perfect for storing loose leaf tea or bags and for serving too! It features a "Tea Secrets" logo on the top with a beautiful dark finish. The box has a clasp lock on the front and the hinges are a simple way to keep the lid open during use. This wonderful storage box includes four engraved storage tins and a tea infuser spoon, that lays at its own lined compartment.


4 Tins - 50 g each

Dimensions of the box - 23,3 x 17,5 x 6,3 cm

With this order you will receive 4 complimentary finest loose leaf teas!


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