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​Bialetti Venus Espresso Coffee Maker - 4 Cups
​Bialetti Venus Espresso Coffee Maker - 4 Cups
  • 4.9 Rating
  • 8 Reviews

Bialetti Venus Espresso Coffee Maker - 4 Cups

The Bialetti Venus combines beauty and elegance in a tastefully designed stove top espresso maker.

For those preferring a smoother coffee taste, Bialetti’s stainless stove-top pots embody legendary ease-of-operation in sleek contemporary designs.

Bialetti’s legacy of quality and reliability lives on in these lines of coffee makers crafted in high-quality 18/10 stainless (including inner parts such as funnel & filter plate) with ergonomic, heat-resistant handles.

Bialetti Venus coffee maker features a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

- Stainless steel

- Heat-resistant handle

- Dishwasher safe

- Drip spout

- Can be used on any heat source


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