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Fruit tea ' Pina Colada '

Fruit tea ' Pina Colada ' by Gurman's - Apple bits , hibiscus blossoms , orange peels , rose hip peels , pineapple bits , coconut flakes , natural flavoring

Fruit Tea for sale online - Fruit tea online shop - Wholesale Fruit tea suppliers in Dublin Ireland. We supply only the finest Fruit tea blends. Fruit teas characteristics and effect: fruit tea is a blend of carefully picked up leaves, petals and dried fruits. The liquor is notable for rich reddish colour and flavour of fresh and ripe fruits. Fruit tea is caffeine-free, and suitable to drink any time.

Fruit tea ' Pina Colada ' by Gurman's for sale online - We are an online and retail loose tea and coffee store dedicated in providing you with quality tea products as loose black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fruit tea , mate tea , and more tea products! We offer only the finest coffee beans - Classic Coffee , Flavoured Coffee and Espresso !

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How To Brew

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Tea Type: Fruit Tea

Temp: 97 C

Quantity: 1.5 - 2tsp / 220-250ml

Steep: 5 - 6min/hot, 8 - 15min/iced

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