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GALAPAGOS ISLAND Coffee Beans 100g
GALAPAGOS ISLAND Coffee Beans 100g
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Galapagos Island Coffee Beans - 100g

A very mellow coffee with good depth of flavour. It has some smooth caramel notes and mild acidity.

Ingredients: Premium quality coffee beans.

Single Origin is a very high quality coffee, from a specific country, a region, or even a single producer - a particular estate or farm situated in an exclusive setting, so the finest coffee beans has that unique characteristics and particular flavour. We provide a wonderful range of Gurman's classic and single origin coffee beans for our customers. At Tea & Coffee Suppliers we believe in quality, so we go all the way to find better beans.

GALAPAGOS ISLAND COFFEE BEANS FOR SALE ONLINE - We are an online and retail loose tea and coffee store dedicated in providing you with quality tea products as loose black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, mate tea and more tea products! We offer only the finest coffee beans - Classic Coffee, Flavoured Coffee and Espresso!


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