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T&C CARAMEL Flavoured Ground Coffee 125 g
T&C CARAMEL Flavoured Ground Coffee 125 g
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T&C Caramel Flavoured Ground Coffee 125 g

Ingredients: 100% Arabica (medium strong) natural flavoured ground coffee.

Caramel flavoured coffee is an amazing and truly delicious hot beverage that is remarkable by its rich aroma and natural flavour. This delightful coffee deserves the appreciation of gourmets from all over the world, because it is simply impossible to not fall in love with a delicate and balanced taste of sumptuously sweet caramel and creamy coffee. We use only highest quality coffee beans of Arabica and natural caramel flavours to produce our specialty coffee. Enjoy a pure taste of our flavoured coffee or use it as a base for cappuccinos and lattes.

T&C CARAMEL FLAVOURED GROUND COFFEE FOR SALE ONLINE - We are an online and retail loose tea and coffee store dedicated in providing you with quality tea products as loose black tea, green tea, white tea, herbal tea, fruit tea, mate tea and more tea products! We offer only the finest coffee beans - Classic Coffee, Flavoured Coffee and Espresso!


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